Travel Information – VIP Airport Service

It is strongly recommended that you purchase VIP service for the Summit.

VIP service at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv offers immediate, stress-free travel and no waiting at counters. This service is an expedited process when entering and departing Israel, allowing passengers to go straight from the aircraft through the security check, passport control, registration, and customs, without the need to queue.

Please find below some options for securing this service and ensuring your trip is an exceptional experience.

See Jeff’s Experience with VIP Service

Royal Airport Concierge Service


VIP Services Airport Service: $150 USD

  • Price is for up to 4 passengers on the same flight
  • Each additional passenger: $45 USD
  • Price is per flight ($150 USD incoming $150 USD Outgoing)
  • Larger Group (10-15) on same flight the service is approximately $50 USD per person

To book this service please email or call 1-301-997-2007.

Express Service VIP


Express VIP Airport Service Price: $139 USD

  • Price is for up to 4 passengers on the same flight
  • Each additional passenger: $20 USD
  • Price is per flight ($139 USD incoming; $139 USD Outgoing)
  • Porter & luggage service (if needed): $59 USD

To book this service please send an email to

VIP Platinum Club


Silver VIP Service Pricing: $134 USD
Platinum VIP Service Pricing: $330 USD

  • Silver: Price is for up to 4 passengers on the same flight, Platinum: Price is for 1 passenger
  • Each additional passenger: Silver: $15 USD, Platinum: $220 USD
  • Price is per flight (e.g. Silver would be: $134 USD incoming; $134 USD Outgoing)
  • Porter & luggage service (if needed): $30 USD
  • Platinum: In addition to the standard services, you will be taken to Arbel or Masada lounge where you can wait while passport control, security, and check-in are performed by a representative.

To book please email or call 011 972-39754468.

Laufer Aviation-GHI


Please contact for pricing

  • VIP Airport Service
  • Car and Luxury Vehicle Service
  • Tour guidance and full concierge

To book please email or call 972-8-9145100.

Tour Information

The Summit has teamed up with to offer several tour options to attendees. If interested in any of the tours listed below, visit the Kauffman Fellows Summit page to sign up.

To get you in the right frame of mind to have some fun around town check out the Do’s and Dont’s When in Israel.

Jerusalem Tour

Jerusalem offers the ideal opportunity to explore one of the holiest sites in the world. Here you will walk the Via Dolorosa, visit the Wailing Wall, explore the markets, visit churches, and gain insights into the city’s 4,000 years of history and culture and how instrumental it has been in shaping the three world religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Galilee Tour – Footsteps of Jesus

For many Christians, touring Israel is not complete without exploring the life of Jesus in Jerusalem and Galilee. On the classical Galilee day tour you will visit Nazareth, with the story of the Annunciation and Immaculate Conception. The tour then continues to the Sea of Galilee where—short of walking on water—we cover almost everything else. The tour will visit Mt. Beatitudes and Capernaum to see where the stories of the Ministry took place.

Dead Sea & Masada Tour

Another classical tour of Israel! You will explore the desert hideout and fortress of King Herod the Great (travelling up by cable car) followed by a Dead Sea experience of mud and floatation at the lowest place on earth.

Private Tour

If your time is limited or you would like to see different sights than those listed here, TrekIs can arrange a great private tour for you.

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